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Steel Palisade

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    Lewbuild Steel Palisade is the most cost-effective of all the steel fence system for both general and high security requirements, It is in constant demand providing a premium security barrier with formidable visual appearance. Lewbuild Palisade has been developed to allow the system to closeley follow changing ground levels more successfully than all other fence systems. Lewbuild Steel Palisade is supplied hot-dip galvanised to ISO1461 as standard.

    When a less instrusive visual effect is required, we offer Lewbuild Steel Palisade with a polyester powder coating applied over the hot-dip galvanised finish in the full RAL or BSS colour ranges.

    We offer a full range of Palisade Gates to match. From single leaf pedestrian gates to larger double leaf gates and a full range of sliding gates to suit any situation Our experienced sales and contracting team are available to provide any advice and assistance to help achieve the best results for all our client requirements - just call 0161063302301

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Online Catalogue | Fencing |  Steel Palisade